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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Contract Terms

Main Objective: 

The main purpose is to increase the percentage of packaging that is reused or recycled. Requesting delivery packaging that can be reused or recycled will stimulate a circular economy, because the packaging must be designed so that reuse or recycling is possible.


Requirement Specification: 

Delivery packaging (for example, transport packaging, packing crates, fruit baskets etc.) for product groups covered by the contract, shall be included in a reuse system. Alternatively, it shall be possible to recycle the delivery packaging, and suppliers must ensure that the packaging is actually recycled.



Documentation of the Requirement Specification: 

Suppliers are requested to confirm that the packaging is part of a reuse system or that it will be recycled.




Information about the Requirement Specification: 

For most food and beverage procurements, it is relevant to request delivery packaging that is in a reuse system or recyclable.

Delivery packaging is often made of a robust material. For example, large plastic crates that may have a high potential for reuse are often used. Reuse extends the life of the packaging, and the carbon footprint is thus reduced. The requirement does not stipulate that the delivery packaging shall consist of recycled materials, but that the packaging shall consist of materials that can be reused og recycled.

It lies in the nature of the matter that the type of delivery packaging required will vary depending on the specific procurement. Delivery packaging is also available in different types of materials. Reuse will not always be better than recycling for all types of packaging. The requirement is therefore designed to equate reuse with the recycling of packaging, provided that the supplier ensures that the packaging is actually recycled.

In practice, how to collect and recycle the delivery packaging, will be a collaboration between the contracting authority and the supplier. Dependent on the materials the packaging is made of, which recycling systems already exist with the contracting authority, who unwraps the products, etc. This is a topic for discussion in contract meeting and status meetings during the contract period. In some cases, it may also be natural to disclose the client's systems for material recycling in the tender documents.

The requirement specification as formulated, applies to all delivery packaging in the agreement. By use of market surveys, the contracting authority must investigate prospective suppliers. ​​​​If reuse proves to be an environmentally better alternative for one or more delivery packaging products, the contracting authority may apply a separate specification requiring reuse packaging for the specific delivery packaging. In tat case, the contracting authority must specify which packaging is covered by the requirement. If there is an agreement on the delivery of fruit, it is relevant to emphasize that the requirement applies to the fruit baskets.

Since the requirement may apply to several types of delivery packaging, such as fruit baskets, packing crates, service or transport packaging, it is important that the contracting authority specifies which packaging is subject to the requirement. If there is an agreement on the delivery of fruit, it is relevant to clarify that the requirement applies to fruit baskets.

Definition of packaging: “Packaging” means “any product and any disposable item, which consists of materials of any kind, used for packaging, protection, handling, delivery from the producer to the user and presentation of products, including raw materials and finished products”, cf. Section 7-3 of the Norwegian Waste Regulations.


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Published: 11. Mar 2019, Last modified: 31. May 2019