Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂)

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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Award Criteria

Main Objective: 

The main purpose of the environmental criterion is to reduce fuel consumption and thereby reduce the quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2) originating from exhaust emissions.

Formulation of the Award Criteria: 

Tendered cars that emit less than 80 g CO2/km in mixed driving will be awarded points on a scale of 0-10 where 10 points is the best.

Documentation of the Award Criteria: 

CO2 emissions will be assessed based on the information in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's "New Vehicle Chooser".

The buyer can also check the "Environmental and energy labelling for new cars" label per car model. All dealers are required to have a label that describes the car's environmental and energy properties.

Information about the Award Criteria: 

The emissions value in grams of CO2 per kilometre of mixed driving for light commercial vehicles is calculated using a special test method in the EU. The driving cycle used, the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), consists of two parts: the urban cycle (urban driving) and the extra urban cycle (country road driving). The first part provides the emissions value for urban driving g/km and the second provides the value for country road driving in g/km. The value for mixed driving is obtained by weighting the urban and country road driving values.

The criterion's weighting must be assessed in relation to the organisation's overarching climate and environmental objectives. It is important that the buyer sets a requirement of 80 g CO2/km.

Difi's power output meter can be used to show the climate and environmental effects of the selected requirement and criterion in a given reference scenario.

The requirements and criteria for CO2 emissions can be combined with the award criterion for energy consumption.

Use the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's "New Vehicle Chooser" to see a list of the vehicle models that satisfy the requirement.

The "Environmental and energy labelling for new cars" label provides guidance on CO2 and NOx emissions.

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Published: 25. Jan 2018, Last modified: 31. May 2019