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A lack of environmental expertise and management are a challenge when it comes to following up ambitions in a construction project. More and more consultants are working on single issues such as waste, energy or greenhouse gas emissions, but it is important that contractors get a comprehensive grip on the most important environmental factors associated with their own activities and systematically work to reduce their environmental impact.


An environmental management system helps to ensure a systematic means of working that in turn prevents adverse environmental impact, helps the contractor fulfil their obligations, contributes to better environmental performance, etc. An environmental management system is part of the management system used to manage the activities or products the contractor delivers.

Requirement Specification: 

Contractors must, within <X weeks/months> after signing the contract, document a valid environmental management system with routines and a structure that demonstrates how the contractor will address relevant environmental considerations associated with the services being delivered. The system must be linked to the executing unit.

The environmental management system must be documented and available for inspection by the client. The client can request more documentation. In these circumstances the contractor must present this within <X weeks>.

It must be documented that, as part of its environmental management system, the company:

  1. has a suitable environmental policy and documented environmental goals
  2. stipulates environmental requirements for subcontractors
  3. has an overview of the most important environmental impacts from its activities
  4. has the resources necessary to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve an environmental management system
  5. has contingency plans for dealing with potential situations that present a risk of adverse environmental impacts
  6. has a management team that regularly follows up the system
  7. assesses the environmental risks associated with projects and has the necessary contingency plans to deal with them


Documentation of the Requirement Specification: 

The requirement is addressed if the contractor is certified pursuant to Eco-Lighthouse, ISO 14001, EMAS or equivalent by the specified deadline. If not, it must be documented in some other manner, e.g. using self-declaration for environmental management systems if the contractor is unable to get the certification within the deadline.

Information about the Requirement Specification: 

The client must assess whether the system requirement should be set as a qualification requirement or a contract term.

If the company must be certified after the contract is signed, it is important to set a deadline for certification that is achievable for the contractor. If the contractor has a system based on a standard, it can take from 6 months to 1 year to complete the certification process, depending on the size of the company and the certification system. Because this is a contract requirement, the system must be documented after signing the contract, by the stipulated deadlines. The time must be clearly specified in the draft contract enclosed with the tender documentation.

An environmental management system consists of a systematic process or method that describes how an organisation carries out, manages, measures and continuously limits is environmental impact to ensure a high environmental standard in the organisation. Responsibility for the environmental management system rests with the organisation's executive management team. The environmental management system includes the organisation's environmental policy, objectives, measures and routines with continuous improvement measures.

The declaration shown under supporting documents will not represent the entire management system, but provides documentation of some important elements over which the contractor must have control.

You must check if the market can deliver what you require. Examples of different environmental management systems are ISO 14001, EMAS and Eco-Lighthouse.

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Supporting documents/references

Environmental management declaration. The form must be attached to the documents, or linked.


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Requirement no Requirement Yes No

The contractor has a dedicated environmental policy and documented environmental goals

(Append documentation)


The contractor stipulates environmental requirements for subcontractors

State the types of requirements, for whom, and how the requirements will be followed up (possibly as a separate appendix):


The contractor maintains an overview of the most important environmental impacts from its operations and for this specific project

(Append documentation)

The contractor has the resources required to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve an environmental management system tailored to the contract for this project.

(Append documentation)

The contractor has contingency plans for handling potential situations with a risk of adverse environmental impacts

(Append documentation)
6 The contractor has a management team that regularly follows up the system (append documentation of who is responsible and how this has been followed up)    

The contractor has assessed the environmental risks that exist in relation to the specific project and the contingency plans it needs to deal with these. (Append documentation)


Other information

(Possibly separate appendix)


If the contractor can present one of the following as documentation of its management system, the requirements in the above table can be ignored:

  • Valid certificate for current ISO 14001 or EMAS standard, Eco-Lighthouse for level one
  • A third-party approved declaration that states that the contractor's environmental management system satisfies the requirements of ISO 14001 or EMAS

I hereby confirm that the information in this form has been provided on the basis of my best judgement and to the best of my knowledge does not contain incorrect information. I am aware that incorrect information may result in a possible daily fine.

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