Environmental management system

  • Services
  • Waste from Public Service Enterprises
  • Climate- and Environmental Reporting


Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Qualification Requirements

Main Objective: 

The main purpose is to reduce the environmental impact of the contracting authority's collection of waste.

Requirement Specification: 

The supplier shall have a third-party certified environmental management system or standard, of the EMAS, ISO 14001, Eco-Lighthouse type or similar.

Documentation of the Requirement Specification: 

The supplier shall state the license number on the certification.

Information about the Requirement Specification: 

The aim of environmental management systems and standards is to provide suppliers with information about the environmental impact of the performance of their service and provide support for the development of measures to improve this.

Environmental management standards and systems shall help ensure that the supplier is working towards specific climate and environmental goals, and that he has good routines and measures internally within the enterprise, and externally through what the enterprise produces/supplies. Environmental management standards shall ensure that the supplier's environmental goals and work are updated and developed over time. A third-party certified system means that the supplier is certified through the EMAS, ISO 14001, Eco-Lighthouse or other environmental management standards or systems based on relevant European or international standards from accredited bodies.

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Published: 26. Sep 2018, Last modified: 21. Sep 2020