Environmental Monitoring Plan (EMP)

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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Technical Specification (Requirement Specifications)

Main Objective: 


If you want to procure buildings with good environmental properties, you have to identify relevant environmental requirements early on in a project and set ambitions for the specific project, as well as have systems for following up the requirements.


The earlier in the planning your energy ambitions are set out and the natural diversity on the site and material products with a risk of environmental toxins are identified, the easier it is to increase environmental performance within the budget and achieve a successful procurement.

The environmental monitoring plan is used as a tool for monitoring the contract by documenting how the environmental goals in the environmental programme are being followed up. The environmental programme prepared in earlier phases of the project is fleshed out in the environmental monitoring plan (EMP), which shows how the contract will address the environmental goals right up to takeover.

Requirement Specification: 

Based on the project's environmental programme, contractors must prepare an environmental monitoring plan (EMP) in accordance with NS 3466:2009 or equivalent, to follow up the environmental goals in the project. EMPs must contain the following:

  • Project, sub-projects and phases to which the environmental monitoring plan applies
  • The relationship between the environmental monitoring plan and the project's other documents
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Measures that address the environmental goals
  • Corrective and supplementary measures
  • Goal attainment assessments
  • Follow-up of the environmental goals

The first draft of the EMP and how the contractor will follow up the work on the EMP later in the project must be presented at the first construction meeting.

An EMP must be updated regularly during the project period; at least once a month or when changes are made in the project that affect the environmental goals or measures. EMPs must be a fixed item on the agenda in all construction meetings, with an account of how the environment has been affected by changes since the last meeting.

Information about the Requirement Specification: 

NS 3466 with its environmental programme and environmental monitoring plan provides useful definitions and specifies what must be included in an environmental programme and plan.

The client must include an environmental programme in the tender documentation so that the tenderer can build on it. It is important that the environmental programme is well anchored in the project's management team.

The environmental monitoring plan must be updated and reviewed in the first construction meeting.

If the contractor is involved at a very early stage, it may be right for the contractor to prepare the environmental programme. If this is the case, and there is no environmental programme for the project, you should, as the client, as a minimum, provide information about the environmental goals that apply to the project so that the contractor can first prepare an environmental programme based on the goals and requirements chosen from this set of criteria. In these circumstances use O 1.21.Sp Environmental Programme as a supplement to these criteria The contractor must then prepare an EMP based on the environmental programme.

The EMP should include the environmental criteria the client has chosen for the project from Difi's set of criteria and any other environmental criteria. Every criterion will them become a requirement in the EMP with information about who will be responsible for following it up.


The requirements concerning the content of the environmental monitoring plan must be adjusted depending on how far the design has been developed. An environmental programme must have been prepared to select this requirement. If it has not, the requirement must be adjusted, and the environmental goals described, ref. the points in the ambition level.

This will require reporting during the project and is a point that should be secured via a description of the requirements for the project's administrative routines.

Criteria Relations and Conflicts: 

Environmental Programme

Relatert kriterium

P1.21. If an environmental programme is not developed in earlier phases, use the Environmental Programme criterion.

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