Environmental Programme

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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Technical Specification (Requirement Specifications)

Main Objective: 


If you want to achieve a building with good environmental properties, it is important to identify your ambitions and applicable environmental requirements early on in a procurement and concretise these into manageable and measurable tasks.


An environmental programme (EP) is a tool that systematically helps you find the most relevant environmental factors in a procurement and anchor them in the project and project administration. It becomes a tool for monitoring the environmental project. As a rule, environmental programmes are developed at an early stage before design is procured.

The earlier in the planning your environmental ambitions are set out and the natural diversity on the site and material products with a risk of environmental toxins are identified, the easier it is to increase environmental performance within the budget and thus achieve a successful procurement. The environmental programme (EP) is a drawn up at a strategically overarching level and establishes the environmental goals for a building or construction project. The environmental monitoring plan determines how the project owner should follow up the environmental programme's goals in the various phases of the project.

Requirement Specification: 

Prior to their first design team meeting, contractors should have familiarised themselves with the existing environmental programme, so the environmental goals can be followed up later in the project.

The project's environmental programme must be updated regularly when changes are made in the project that affect the environmental goals or environmental requirements. The environmental programme must be a fixed item on the agenda in all design team meetings, with an account of how the environmental goals have been affected by changes since the last engineering meeting.

The environmental programme must contain the following:

  • Anchoring of the environmental programme in the project organisation and in other environmental monitoring systems
  • Assessments of environmental issues and their relevance to the project
  • Alternative and supplementary measures and proposals concerning further studies
  • Descriptions of processes for changing the environmental goals



Information about the Requirement Specification: 

The client should draw up an environmental programme that accompanies the announcement of the competitive tender. The client's existing environmental programme must be sent out as part of the tender documentation. Contractors must adjust existing environmental programmes when there is a need to. This can vary from project to project and should be clarified in the individual project.

The client owns the project's environmental goals, but the design team must document how the goals will be concretised and followed up during the project's various phases.

 An environmental programme can be based on, among other things:

  • National environmental goals
  • State and local authority environmental policy set out in Acts, Regulations, regulatory requirements, etc. that are relevant to the project.
  • Project owner's overarching environmental policy
  • Prepare environmental impact assessments for the project

Environmental programmes are defined in the standard NS 3466:2009, which provides useful definitions and suggestions concerning what a programme should contain. It is important that the environmental programme is anchored in the project's management team.

The environmental programme should be prepared as early as possible in a project. If an environmental programme has already been prepared in the outline project or earlier, this is a good starting point for the future environmental work and the requirement in the design phase will then entail familiarising yourself with, updating and fleshing out the environmental programme.

Criteria Relations and Conflicts: 

Miljøoppfølgingsplan (MOP)

Relatert kriterium

You should consider to include the criteria on Environmental Monitoring Plan to follow up this criteria.

Published: 26. Jan 2018, Last modified: 22. Jan 2020