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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
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Main Objective: 

The main purpose is to ensure that the producers and importers of products supplied to the public sector that are subject to mandatory return scheme company membership for the packaging have such membership and that smaller producers have packaging that is suitable for reuse and material recycling.


Requirement Specification: 

Suppliers shall ensure that the products offered that are subject to Section 7 of the Norwegian Waste Regulations have mandatory membership in a return scheme company approved by the Norwegian Environment Agency. For products that are not subject to the mandatory membership obligation, appropriate procedures must be in place to ensure the reuse and material recycling of the packaging. Who has approved the return scheme companies is stated on the website of the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Suppliers shall verify that the contractual condition is met for the duration of the contract, for example by spot checks. Such spot checks will be part of the general follow-up of the contract.



Information about the Requirement Specification: 

Having procedures and systems for the return of packaging is required by law for large producers and importers, i.e. those who supply more than 1,000 kilograms of packaging to the market. In Section 7-3 of the Norwegian Waste Regulations, a producer is defined as anyone who imports or produces packaging or packaged products in Norway for the Norwegian market, and the mandatory membership in a return scheme company obligation follows from Section 7-5. The contractual condition will also encompass small producers, not as a membership requirement, but as a requirement to have appropriate procedures for reuse and material recycling.

Definition of packaging: “Packaging” means “any product and any disposable item, which consists of materials of any kind, used for packaging, protection, handling, delivery from the producer to the user and presentation of products, including raw materials and finished products”, cf. Section 7-3 of the Norwegian Waste Regulations. Beverage packaging that is included in a return scheme system (for example, by a deposit scheme) is regulated by Chapter 6 of the Norwegian Waste Regulations.

It is important that procurers check the suppliers’ documentation of membership against which return scheme companies have been approved by the Norwegian Environment Agency, cf. Section 7-14 of the Norwegian Waste Regulations. See the Norwegian Environment Agency’s list of approved return schemes.(In Norwegian. Opens in a new window.)


Criteria Relations and Conflicts: 

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