High-quality furniture in accordance with product standards

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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Technical Specification (Requirement Specifications)

Main Objective: 

When the contracting authority requests furniture which fulfils quality standards, it is ensured that the furniture will be suitable for its intended use, function-tested to ensure good durability and designed for a long lifespan, which can help to reduce life-cycle costs. This is also important because it ensures that the environmental impact of the manufacture of furniture is spread over a longer functional lifespan, and reduces the overall environmental impact when furniture needs are met. It also reduces the risk of purchasing low-quality furniture and subsequent short lifespans.

Requirement Specification: 

Tendered furniture products shall meet the requirements stipulated in the relevant EN standards for official environment and quality testing of furniture by an accredited laboratory. The products shall at least comply with the established level as listed by the Norwegian quality certificate “Møbelfakta” (https://www.norskindustri.no/kampanjesider/mobelfakta/mobelfakta/). The requirements concern quality, durability, dimensions, safety and strength.

Documentation of the Requirement Specification: 

The requirement may be documented with the following options:

  • A valid Møbelfakta certificate from Møbelfakta Norge, or equivalent certificate.
  • A license number verifying that the product has been assigned an ISO 14024 Type I ecolabel which directly fulfils the listed requirements will be accepted as documentation. In addition, a document shall be provided for the labelling scheme which indicates the requirements that are met, along with a reference to where in the document the relevant standards are stipulated.
  • A test report showing that the quality requirements are met by the test laboratory accredited for the applicable standard from either the furniture manufacturer or components/material suppliers.

Information about the Requirement Specification: 

This requirement is important to ensure that the products meet and are tested according to relevant EN standards, which ensures that the products fulfil quality requirements relating to durability, dimensions, safety and strength.

One of the most important measures for reducing the environmental impact associated with meeting furniture needs over time is to ensure that the furniture that is requested, manufactured and taken into use is both safe, high-quality and durable, and fulfils the relevant needs. This ensures that products suitable for long-term use will be purchased and that the environmental impact linked to the manufacture of an item of furniture can be spread over a longer functional lifespan - and reduces the need to purchase new furniture. Poor-quality products with incorrect dimensions, low durability, safety and strength will have a shorter functional lifespan.

The suitability of an item of furniture for its intended purpose or its quality is to some extent a subjective assessment. However, the furniture industry has made considerable efforts to develop EN standards which present a harmonised approach to assessing the quality-related characteristics and suitability of a wide range of furniture products. This makes it easier to define the quality and suitability for use of furniture which is acquired by the public sector.

Published: 26. Nov 2020, Last modified: 09. Mar 2021