Improved source separation by user

  • Waste from Public Service Enterprises
  • Resource-Efficient Operations


Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Award Criteria

Main Objective: 

The main purpose is to contribute to increased waste separation at source at the contracting authority's enterprise, to facilitate the increased recycling of materials.

Formulation of the Award Criteria: 

The supplier will be rewarded for offering a solution proposal for separation at source that contributes to the greatest possible extent to increased separation of waste fractions for the recycling of materials.

The supplier shall prepare the solution proposal based on:

  1. an on-site inspection of the contracting authority [address, date, time. Prior to the tender closing date] 
  2. information on the waste volumes delivered in prior years, see [Appendix to the tender documentation]

Documentation of the Award Criteria: 

The supplier shall describe how they will facilitate:

  • separation at source and the organisation of the collection of waste, with a view to the correct recycling rate, size of containers and other solutions that ensure the most appropriate separation and collection frequency
  • training in good waste management offered
  • other routines and measures that are to be used during the performance of the contract to facilitate separation of waste fractions at source for the recycling of materials

The supplier's description shall have a maximum length of [2 A4 pages].

Information about the Award Criteria: 

The aim of the criterion is to reward suppliers with a good understanding of waste separation, which may contribute to a good waste utilisation.

The proposal will be a description, but it should focus specifically on the prevailing circumstances at the contracting authority with a view to waste generation, management and potential improvements with respect to the conduct of the contracting authority and framework for the collection of waste, such as a separation system, containers and collection frequency.

In order for the supplier to prepare the best possible solution proposal for good source separation, it is important that the supplier receive sufficient information about the organisation of the contracting authority's waste solution, through an on-site inspection, and the prior waste volumes.

Useful to combine with

  • Routines for Regulatory Waste Management (Qualification requirements)






Published: 26. Sep 2018, Last modified: 31. May 2019