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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
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Main Objective: 


Today's construction projects are becoming more and more complicated with a number of technical installations that must work together to achieve the desired functionality and as environmentally-friendly a building as possible. Getting the installations and systems to interact and function optimally requires a high degree of interdisciplinary coordination in the design project, construction phase and operation phase. Managing the interfaces between the various disciplines can be demanding and determining who is responsible for what often becomes difficult, both in contracts with contractors and for operating personnel. Responsibility for ensuring that technical deliveries from different contractors and contracts actually work together as assumed is not clearly defined and is diffuse.


Focusing on ITB (Integrated Technical Building Installations) from the planning phase enables the client to ensure that the designed technical systems function together as assumed.  NS 3935 describes ITB and ensures binding interaction and coordination between the various actors. The standard also describes the need for an ITB coordinator who is independent of the contractors and maintains a focus on the processes and getting the installations to work as intended by the agreed deadline.

Requirement Specification: 

When signing a contract, contractors must document that the contractor's project organisation includes a person with the responsibility and authority to follow up and coordinate in accordance with NS 39351.This person is assigned the role of ITB coordinator and must not have links to the contractor.

The ITB coordinator must have good technical expertise and broad experience from various construction projects. This includes:

  • At least 5 years' relevant experience, especially within the commissioning and testing of technical systems.
  • HVAC and electrical automation competence within construction, general expertise in top level systems, management, control and monitoring

The following must be documented:

  • Contract with the ITB coordinator showing that NS 3935 will be used, with reference to the requirements specification for the building.
  • Self-declaration from the ITB coordinator concerning their independence from the contractor
  • Minutes from start-up and follow-up meetings (in accordance with NS 3935)
  • Reporting from testing (in accordance with NS 3935 and NS 6450)
  • An account of the ITB coordinator's expertise: brief descriptions of three reference projects and their CV documenting education and/or experience in ITB in relation to the requirements. See table 6.61.1

Table 6.61.1: Template for documentation of qualifications.

Reference project no. Project name and project's client Project period Project's size (GEA) Amount tenderer invoiced for the project (NOK) Role in the project

Description of why the reference is relevant



Information about the Requirement Specification: 

The client must assess the risk of where the ITB coordinator should be placed, in the contractor's organisation or in the client's organisation.

The building's complexity can be an important factor in determining this.

Criteria Relations and Conflicts: 

Central Operational Control System (COCS)

Relatert kriterium

The ITB-responsible controls that the technical system works.

Energy Monitoring System (EMS) and Energy Measurement

Relatert kriterium

Energy Monitoring System (EMS) can be used to detect the energy use in the building.

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