Labelling of plastic

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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Technical Specification (Requirement Specifications)

Main Objective: 

The labelling of plastic parts facilitates the proper recycling of the parts, and ensures that labels can provide useful information to consumers of the furniture.

Requirement Specification: 

Plastic parts weighing more than 100 grams used in the furniture product shall be visibly marked in accordance with ISO 11469 and ISO 1043. The limit of 100 grams applies to the individual plastic parts, rather than the overall weight of all the plastic parts in the furniture product.

Markings shall be clearly visible on the plastic itself, but need not be visible when the furniture is assembled.

In the following cases, plastic parts weighing more than 100 grams need not be marked:

  • Plastic on a roll (such as edge strips)
  • If marking would affect the function of the plastic
  • If marking is not technically possible due to the production method used
  • On parts which cannot be marked in such a way that the marking is of a legible size which can be identified by a recycling operator

Documentation of the Requirement Specification: 

The tenderer shall submit a declaration from its subcontractors confirming that the requirement has been met.

In addition, documentation for the labelling of plastic parts shall be provided at the request of the contracting authority during the contract period in the form of a declaration listing all plastic parts in the product which have a mass greater than 100 grams, and indicating whether they have been marked in accordance with ISO 11469 and ISO 1043, if appropriate with an explanation as to why some parts cannot be marked.

Fulfilment of the requirement may also be documented through access to a valid certificate verifying that the tendered furniture product is covered by certification developed in accordance with ISO 14024 (Type I or Type I-equivalent) which fulfils the requirement. E.g. the Swan ecolabel.

Information about the Requirement Specification: 

This requirement should be stipulated in all procurements that include furniture with plastic parts. The marking of plastic parts facilitates recycling upon disposal of the furniture, as it enables the parts to be separated out through sorting according to the contents of the plastic.

Published: 26. Nov 2020, Last modified: 29. Nov 2020