Pollution from construction machinery and equipment

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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Technical Specification (Requirement Specifications)

Main Objective: 

Pollution from oil and chemicals at the construction site may lead to serious adverse effects for water and land. Acute pollution often occurs due to improper storage, filling and leaks. It is therefore essential to plan for suitable areas for the storage of chemicals and fuels and the maintenance of the machinery fleet.

Requirement Specification: 

The storage of oil, fuels and chemicals must be labelled and protected against leaks by implementing safety measures that will be able to manage 100% of the stock volume in the event of spills, breakages or leaks.

Storage sites and placement of tanks must not constitute a risk to nearby water sources or recipients. Leaks and spills from vehicles, construction machinery and other equipment must not occur. There must be oil-absorbing agents available in all construction machinery and heavy vehicles that are used.

Measures must be initiated immediately in the event of accidents and the client must be notified.

Systems and procedures must be established to ensure that the filling and tapping of fuel and oil takes place on a solid surface and in a safe manner. Machinery and equipment must be in good condition and clean when arriving at the construction site.

Maintenance of machinery must take place in such a way that all spills from chemicals, fuel and oil are collected and managed in accordance with the waste regulations. Refuelling from tankers must take place only at the designated filling station.

A contingency plan containing measures to reduce the consequences in the event of accidents must be submitted. 

Documentation of the Requirement Specification: 

After the work has been completed, soil sample analysis must be taken to document that the ground in rig areas is clean, i.e. does not contain any pollutant concentrations that exceed the standard values.

Contaminated materials delivered to approved landfill sites must be documented.

Information about the Requirement Specification: 

This requirement is relevant for all construction sites where oil, fuel and chemicals are used and is based on the regulatory requirements. 

An overview of substances used on the construction site should be prepared, as well as an overview of those for which substitutes that are not harmful to health and the environment are available (duty of substitution).

This requirement is based on a tidy and strategically planned construction site. In order to meet the requirement, suitable areas must be designated for the management of oil, fuel and chemicals.

Anyone who handles oil, fuel and chemicals at the construction site must be familiar with applicable regulations, the substances that will be handled and the technical implementation and operation of equipment and facilities.

This topic must be covered by the environmental risk assessment if implemented for the project.

The requirements must be included in the contract with the contractor.

If you use a digital collaboration tool, such as a project hotel or similar, you may ask the contractor to upload the contingency plan there.

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Published: 25. Nov 2020, Last modified: 26. Nov 2020