Purchase of used furniture outside the agreement

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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Contract Terms

Main Objective: 

By requesting used in preference to new furniture, the public sector can take the lead and create a market which can have positive environmental effects, stimulate businesses and promote the circular economy by giving products a longer lifespan. This contractual condition ensures that new framework agreements which are established concerning new furniture are not solely limited to new furniture.

Requirement Specification: 

Excluded from the scope of the agreement is used furniture [Fill in how this affects the estimated value of the agreement concerning new furniture, e.g. within the area of (e.g. office furniture), subject to a maximum of NOK X per year].

Information about the Requirement Specification: 

If you wish to impose a contractual condition which excludes used furniture from the scope of the agreement, as the contracting authority, you must be clear that the purpose of the purchase is to purchase furniture, while at the same time specifying that the purchase only applies to new furniture, e.g.: "Purchase of sustainable new furniture". You must also say something about the fact that, if suitable used furniture is available on the market, the contracting authority would prefer to purchase used furniture in the first instance.

Because this exception could impact on the expected volume and value of the contract concerning new furniture, it is important that, as the contracting authority, you ensure good predictability by describing and estimating the effect of the exemption. You can do this by describing the types of furniture that the contracting authority is seeking to purchase as used (e.g. office furniture), and by specifying the overall scope of purchases of used furniture (e.g.: "Purchases of used furniture will not amount to more than a maximum of NOK X per year on average.” or “Exempt from the scope of the agreement is used furniture up to X% of the total estimated scope of furniture.").

You should enter into a separate framework agreement for used furniture, because the total value of purchases of used furniture during the contract period may exceed NOK 100,000.

Published: 29. Nov 2020, Last modified: 29. Nov 2020