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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Technical Specification (Requirement Specifications)

Main Objective: 

The purpose is to extend the lifetime of ICT equipment by making critical replaceable components available and providing the user with clear instructions on how to exchange them

Requirement Specification: 

  1. The supplier or the supplier’s subcontractor (brand owner) shall provide a service manual describing step-by-step how to replace all critical replaceable components; that means components that are included in the table below. The table is part of TCO Certified generasjon 8 punkt 6.2 Replaceable components. 
  2. The service manual shall be available online for anyone to read, free of charge.
  3. The components listed in the table below shall as a minimum  
  • be available for anyone to purchase (they are not required to be identical as long as they provide at least the equivalent performance) 


  • be replaced either through a warranty repair or through the service level agreement (dependent on the critical component in question)

The requirement is valid for 3 years from the delivery of the ICT equipment. 

The critical replaceable components listed in the table need only be made available if they are part of the ICT equipment that is procured. Onboard soldered CPU´s are excluded from the critical component list. 

ICT-equipmentDeler (norsk)Components (English)


Display Panel/skjerm-montering

Ekstern/intern strømforsyning


Display Panel/Display assembly

External/Internal PSU


Documentation of the Requirement Specification: 

The supplier shall confirm that the requirement is met. No later than at the start of the contract the supplier shall provide websites with instructions on how to replace critical replaceable components.  

Information about the Requirement Specification: 

Extending the lifetime of the ICT equipment is the most effective way of reducing their environmental impact. Components that often wear out or that become outdated may limit the ICT equipment’s overall lifetime if they cannot be replaced. By making these critical replaceable components available and providing the user with clear instruction on how to replace them, the ICT equipment may last longer. 

This requirement is included in TCO Certified generation 8 (6.2 Replaceable components). The ambition is that min. 30 percent of the IT equipment on the international market shall be able to fulfil the requirements when a new TCO generation is launched, so that several brand owners will meet the requirements and that one will get several bidders in the procurement process. 

TCO Certified product finder (see «Related links») show how many products that are certified by TCO Certified within product categories such as Computers, displays and tablets, but the ICT equipment do not have to be certified by TCO Certified in order to fulfil the requirement.  

The reason why TCO Certified or other corresponding Type I ecolabelling are not suggested as ways of verifying the fulfilment of this requirement is that for instance TCO Certified demands that the brand owners meet the requirement during the validity of the certificate, while according to Difi, the requirement should last minimum 3 years from the delivery of ICT equipment to the contracting authority.

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Published: 25. Sep 2019, Last modified: 25. Sep 2019