Routines for Regulatory Waste Management

  • Waste from Public Service Enterprises
  • Resource-Efficient Operations


Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Qualification Requirements

Main Objective: 

To ensure that the contracting authority's management and resource utilisation of waste is safeguarded.

Requirement Specification: 

The supplier shall have routines to ensure regulatory management of waste, as well as routines for the follow-up of subcontractors.

Documentation of the Requirement Specification: 

The supplier shall declare that this is true and provide a brief description of certifications or routines to ensure that the requirements for the regulatory management of waste, as well as routines for the follow-up of subcontractors are safeguarded [Maximum length 1 A4 page].

Information about the Requirement Specification: 

Section 32 of the Pollution Control Act concerning the management of commercial waste states producers of commercial waste, meaning service industries here, shall ensure that waste is delivered to a lawful waste disposal site or undergo recycling so that it either ceases to be waste or is otherwise beneficial by replacing materials that would have otherwise been used.

When a supplier manages waste on behalf of the producer of the waste, meaning the contracting authority here, it is important to ensure that the producer's responsibility is fulfilled. Practices and routines may demonstrate that the supplier ensures regulatory management of the waste and that the contracting authority's responsibility is fulfilled.

Useful to combine with 

  • Improved source separation by user (Award criterion)






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Published: 26. Sep 2018, Last modified: 31. May 2019