Safeguarding fundamental human rights in the supply chain

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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Contract Terms

Main Objective: 


Several building products and materials are produced in environments where there is a risk for breaches on human rights in the supply chain.


The supplier is obliged to implement the contract in a manner that ensures respect for human rights in its supply chain.

Requirement Specification: 

Difi and Ethical Trade Norway has recently published revised contract terms for human rights in global supply chains. The contract terms is avaialble in Norwegian, and will be available in English by the end of 2019. 

Information about the Requirement Specification: 

If the products/components you shall procure involves a risk of breaches on human rights in the supply chain, it shall be considered whether it is proportional to stipulate ethical requirements. In the supply chain of several building products and materials, for instance natural stone, steel and aluminum, floor, electronics and others, there has been shown to be a risk of breaches on basic human rights.

When doing follow-up on the criteria, and using self-assessment and/or follow-up meetings, it is recommended to request information about a few selected products/components. Choose products/components where there is a high risk for breaches on human rights. In the report on risk assessments of breaches on human rights in the production of building products and materials you will find an overwiev on examples of products and materials in buildings, and risk level for these. You can also read more on Difi’s list of high risk products.

After you have received the supplier’s answers on the self-assessment questionnaire, you can use Difi’s risk assessment tool for ethical requirements when considering the answers.

The contract performance clauses are developed by Difi and Ethical Trading Norway (ETI Norway).

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Published: 27. Feb 2018, Last modified: 14. Nov 2019