System, Registration and Management of Materials, Products and Chemical Products

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  • Contract Terms

Main Objective: 


Construction products contain some chemicals that have effects on the environment and health. A building consists of many different products and many decision-makers are involved, which is why it is a challenge to stipulate requirements for materials in structures and follow up the requirements.


It is important that the contractor has a system for addressing the environmental requirements of products so it can document that the building does not contain substances with hazardous properties. This applies to both solid products for the building and chemical products used during the construction process.

Requirement Specification: 

When a contractor signs a contract it must describe and document that it has a system for registering and managing material choices, products and chemical products that ensures all environmental requirements are addressed and that it has routines for how this should be followed up in the project.


Information about the Requirement Specification: 

Difi recommends talking with the market about this contractual condition. This is a new market and new service providers are entering the market. These can be contractors within building information modelling (BIM) that consider it an advantage to link material data on products to the properties of the elements in the models page.


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Supporting documents/references

The following online systems are available in Norway, although these are not well-suited for use in design projects:

Published: 06. Feb 2018, Last modified: 22. Jan 2020