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Requirements and Criteria Type: 
  • Technical Specification (Requirement Specifications)

Main Objective: 

The aim is to achieve resource-efficient operation of the waste collection service, with a focus on reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Requirement Specification: 

The vehicle manufacturer shall train the contracting authority's drivers free of charge in environmentally-friendly, safe and economical use of the vehicles and add-ons procured [specify the location, time and any minimum length for courses, at the contracting authority, for example, upon delivery of the vehicles].

The training shall include the aspects of the vehicles and add-ons that it is important that the driver knows about to achieve use that is as environmentally friendly, safe and economical as possible. The training shall take place on the contracting authority's premises [in Norwegian or English]. [If any requirements need to be stipulated for video equipment or the like, this can be done here].


Documentation of the Requirement Specification: 

Self-declaration confirming that training will be provided to the contracting authority as described in the requirement, with a description of the training.

Information about the Requirement Specification: 

Driving style is essential to fuel consumption, and lower consumption means greater climate and environmental benefits. Driving a waste collection vehicle optimally requires good knowledge of the vehicle in question, especially because energy-intensive add-ons such as compactors make up a key part of the vehicles in this industry. The vehicles are different, and the vehicle manufacturer is well equipped to train drivers in the economic use of procured vehicles combined with add-ons.

The Regulations relating to basic and continuing training for professional drivers (Professional Driver Regulations) require in Section 44 that drivers must be able to account for proper driving behaviour and what impact forms of transport have on economy and the environment. The training requirement to which reference is made above applies in addition to the statutory requirement, and the aim is for public enterprises to give their drivers specific training in the use of the waste collection vehicles that have been procured to increase their climate and environmental performance. 

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Published: 26. Sep 2018, Last modified: 31. May 2019